Friday, November 26, 2010

Review of Night World - Volume 1 by L. J. Smith

Night World Volume 1 consists of 3 Novels. This book seems to have made a come back on the market. I bought my copy at Walmart. It was sitting amongst the other volumes of Twilight.
The cover caught my eye. It was clear and not too busy with too big of a picture. I was enticed to look some more at this book.
I noticed the first story in this novel was published in 1996. I guess I missed this book. I'm glad it came back on the market.
The first story, Secret Vampire is pretty good. It was an easy read and moved along pretty fast. I liked how L. J. Smith grew her character, Poppy all the way to the end of the book. It was also nice to see that vampire could be good guys too.
There was not alot of emotion in this story. Even though it did have a bit of romance at the end of the book. I would definately recomend this book to ages 9 - 13. Even a slow reader would find this book would hold their attention long enough to finish this book.
I give this part of the trilogy 4 1/2 ****
The next story in the book called Daughters of Darkness is a bit more fast paced. I liked this part even more. I had a hard time putting the book down after the very first chapter.
This book has a very strong character, Mary-Lynnette. But, I'm not really clear about this character in the beginning of the story. But, by the end, I do know enough about her to begin to really like her.
This story has some mystery to it. A nice attempt by Smith. Maybe next time she will be able to write a better mystery. It is a pretty good story for ages 9 - 13.
I give this part of the book again 4 1/2 ****
The last part of this book is called Spellbinder. I really liked this story most of all. It is a story about two teenage witches. I really liked the tension she used between the two girls. It was on the idea of sibling rivalry. The plot is very strong in this book. One can almost guess where the story is heading. It is another fast paced story. I like how it is more about witches and less about vampires. But, the over all Night World concept is well thought out.
I will be looking forward to reading the next two trilogys in this series of books.
I give this part of the book 5 *****

I purchased this book from my local Walmart Store.

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