Saturday, August 6, 2011

Earth's Ultimate Conflict by Kathy Porter

Page turner, this is not, at least not yet. It could be a great page turner. I liked the overall plot of the story. Kathy Porter does have a good storyline going with Earth’s Ultimate Conflict. But there were several issues I found with the copy I received from the Author in April 2011 when I won it as a giveaway on the site fReado dot com.

First of all, I sadly could not finish reading this book. I made it 80% of the way before I gave up on the read. It read like a rough first draft and is in need of some real serious editing. Sadly it seems that the author spent the money on the fancy bookmark for marketing and neglected the editing of the book. I personally would have spent the money on a good copy editor instead.

1.       There were many typos in the book. Missing words, miss spelled words, or wrong words. Example, in several places and was used in place of an. This causes the reader to stop and go back over what they just read to make sense of the paragraph.

2.       Several problems in the tense. One minute it is written in present and then the next it is in past tense.

3.       This one was the worse problem I came across. Major head hopping. This ultimately caused me to stop reading the book. It got to the point where I could not tell which character was doing or saying what. Way too confusing. And why would you use the same name in the story for two different people. This caused even more confusion. Tony and Anthony were too close and with the amount of characters introduced in the story, I could not tell which one was which by the end of the story.

I highly recommend the author seek the services of a copy editor before pressing on with more marketing of this book.

I gave this book 1 out of 5 stars    *

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