Friday, October 14, 2011

Leather Case for Kindle 3 made by eForCity

Book Case

Over the years we have seen the meaning of words change. Well I think that the next word change will be the book case. Hence, a book case was once known to be a shelving unit built to hold many volumes of printed books.
Now we can have a new meaning with the coming of the digital book age.
I now have more than 30 books stored in my Kindle and the other day I bought this new case. This is where the new meaning comes in ... Book case is the protective covering for my Kindle reader.

This is a nice leather case and the kindle fit nicely inside. The pocket on the facing side holds the Kindle manual too.

I did notice other reviewers saying that their new book case became lose after time. Well folks, we should all know that leather does stretch. Think of what you are supposed to do with a good pair of shoes.

I took their complaints into consideration and kept the foam packaging found inside the product and placed it underneath my kindle. It keeps it nice and snug. I only need to give this foam a bit of a trimming and it will go unnoticed by any one eyeing my new book case.

I gave this product 4 out of 5 ****

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